March 27, 2015
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March 30, 2015
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Highest quality vehicles to suit your needs

Golf Carts Fiji’s founder, Steve Grayson is Fiji born. He spent many years in the motor trade in Australia and now operates Australia’s leading golf cart business. On returning to Fiji on a family holiday in 2011, he recognised the demand for high quality golf carts and parts, both by individuals and resorts.

Today, Golf Carts Fiji is a leader in the golf cart industry across the Pacific. Individual customers love the opportunity to customise their cart. Custom paint, seat trim and accessories allow them to express their personality. Golf Carts Fiji also supports the country’s booming tourism industry by providing major resorts and hotels with top quality service vehicles, laundry vehicles and luggage carts.

In the very short time that Golf Carts Fiji has been operating, Steve has introduced a higher level of quality, purpose-built resort vehicles and worked with major resorts and hotels to improve their level of customer satisfaction and staff convenience.

Provide professional servicing for golf cart owners and businesses